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How Mayor’s Court Catagory is Used

The category Mayor’s Court contains all posting that relates to the Mayors court and ordinance issues and enforcement. This category may also include new ordinances and issues related their judicial enforcement within the Village of East Canton, Ohio. Ohio Mayor’s Courts are state courts in Ohio created by some municipalities.

The Role of Mayor’s Court in Ohio

The Mayor’s Courts hear traffic cases, violations of city ordinances and other misdemeanors. The presiding officer is a magistrate (not a judge) appointed by the mayor and paid by the city or village.Mayor’s Courts are not considered trial courts or courts of record and are not subject to the supervision of the Ohio Supreme Court. Mayor’s Courts are not authorized to conduct jury trials. If a defendant is entitled to and desires a jury trial then the case is transferred to the jurisdiction’s trial court of limited jurisdiction (Municipal Court or County Court). Villiage of East Canton offers online citation payment on mayor’s court page.  Please allow 4 business days for payment processing when using this service.

Park Becomes More Handicap Assessable


Louisville resident donates handicap swing to Village of East Canton Park.  Carol McAdow of Louisville donated a handicap swing to the Village of East Canton in memory of her late husband Ralph McAdow.  The village also had a plaque made in memory of Carol’s late husband and was mounted on a bench right beside the …