Be A Good Neighbor

Check on elderly neighbors and see if they need help—cleaning snow, shopping, or just spending time and having a cup of coffee. That makes a world of difference!

As the weather starts changing and colder months are ahead, the Village of East Canton offers residents a few reminders about handling the winter weather issues

WHY SOME ROADS ARE CLEARED BEFORE OTHERS As snow begins to accumulate, the Village concentrates on certain roads.  The first streets that receive attention are the major roads  As long as the snow keeps falling, the Village’s first priority is to keep the main roads open and passable.  In such instances, it is unlikely that residential roads will be reached immediately, because the main roads must be repeatedly plowed and kept open.  As soon as all major streets are clear, equipment is immediately moved into residential areas. Under normal circumstances, cul-de-sacs and dead end streets are the last residential streets to be cleared.  Cul-de-sacs and dead end streets are plowed last because they carry the lowest volume of traffic among the different types of streets.

PLEASE, BE PATIENT Please, be patient. Snow removal is a difficult and a time consuming job. Since Village crews need many hours to complete snow clearing operations, please try to limit your travel during and immediately following a snowfall unless absolutely necessary. The less traffic on the roads during snow clearing operations, the quicker the job can be accomplished.

The village officials will post the snow parking bans via the village website as soon as possible. Vehicles left in the roadway are subject to towing or maybe unintentionally be plowed in. Village officials are not responsible for damages or snow removal if this event occurs. Please use common sense if snow is forecasted; please don’t park on the roadways.

Residents and businesses should remove snow from all public access sidewalks on their property. 

No person may place any snow or ice on any surface of village-maintained roads. Blowing, shoveling, or plowing snow into streets is a violation and can be dangerous. Anyone violating this rule is subject to a fine.

As for mailboxes, the village advises that all mailboxes and newspaper boxes be located within the village’s right-of-way at resident and owners’ risk. The removal of snow around mailboxes and maintenance of the box is the responsibility of the owner.

Residents are also asked not to place any permanent or temporary structures, sprinkler heads, or other landscape items within the village’s right-of-way. Stakes, rocks, or other delineators placed at the edges of pavements cannot be guaranteed protection. The Village of East Canton does not repair damaged mailboxes during snow removal operations.