Mayor Reviews Village

It is my responsibility to carry out the duties, obligations, and duties of the office of Mayor as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. My focus and that of your elected Village Council will be to continue to provide excellent service to our village citizens for the betterment and safety of the Village of East Canton.
The Police Department asks the village residents to be aware of things out of the ordinary. Be mindful when you are driving around the village. If you see or hear something that does not seem right, please report it by calling East Canton dispatch 330-488-9435. You do not have to give your name.
In 2021 the Village’s Street / Service Department was very busy. Village Administrator Ed Collins reported the following for the year: Water tests for lead and copper came back negative and were within EPA standards. Installed 100 new Radio read water meters Total meters installed in the program so far are 563 with 180 meters to install still., responded to 137 OUPS marking, for all local utility companies (OUPS is a call before you dig company), reported 19 street lights out in Village to AEP, repaired six catch basins, and responded to 111 village residents work orders. Additionally, they collected 1700 lbs. of debris from the kid catcher (at creeks), swept up 1150 lbs. of dirt and debris from the downtown area, and took 24 truckloads to C&D Land-fill.

Water Department crews responded to four water breaks, which resulted in a water loss of 5000 gallons. This marked a massive drop from the 563,000 gallons of water lost the previous year. The village invested in a new pump for the pump house. The old pump was sent out to be rebuilt and is now on the shelf as a backup. The water department implemented a new all-call listing in 2021. Forms were sent out requesting your information and how you would like to be contacted if there should be a water break in your village area. Please do so at Village Hall for those who wish to sign up. You must keep your phone number up to date. Please contact the water department to keep the records up to date if you change your phone number.