Attention Village of East Canton Residents,

Kindly note that a meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 14, 2023, at 6:00 pm., to take place at the Village Hall, which is located at 130 Cedar St. S. East Canton, Ohio 44730.  The purpose of this gathering is to deliberate on the Stark County Sewer water disconnect program. This initiative aims to tackle the subject matter detailed in the communication received by the village from the Stark County Metropolitan Sewer District (See Below). For your convenience, a PDF copy of the mentioned letter has been attached herewith.

Thank You,

Mayor David Spencer



The Sewer system in East Canton is at full-capacity, leaving no room for new homes, new growth or any expansion in the Village. In an effort to remedy this, the Stark County Metropolitan Sewer District (SCMSD) and the Village of East Canton are pleased to announce the creation of a Clean Water Disconnection Program for sewer customers in the Village of East Canton. This program is an effort to reduce the flow of clean water into sanitary sewers to create additional capacity for growth in the Village of East Canton. Clean water connections from homes drain groundwater or stormwater from gutters and drains into the sanitary sewers. This clean water takes up valuable capacity in the sewers and adds to the cost of pumping and treating the water. In addition, it violates the Clean Water Act and SCMSD rules and regulations. Without a program to fix this problem, sewers and pumping stations would have to be replaced with larger units resulting in higher sewer rates. Through this new disconnect program, sewer customers will be eligible to have the cost of disconnecting their clean water discharge covered for up to 75% of the cost of removal of clean water found to be discharging to their sanitary sewer connection. The maximum amount each property is eligible to receive is $7,500.00. This money can be used to reroute ground water sump pumps, disconnect down spouts from the sanitary sewer, replace leaky service connections or disconnect improper drive or yard drains. SCMSD staff will be scheduling all East Canton properties for inspections of their plumbing to identify clean water connections to the building sewer connection. Any improper connections found will be identified in a letter to the owner. The letter will also outline work to be performed to correct the improper connection and how to apply for funding to assist with the cost of the necessary repairs. Please call Carrie Terakedis at 330-451-2307 to set up an inspection for your property. For more information on the clean water disconnection program, please visit us at