As the Mayor of East Canton, I urge all residents to watch the informative video produced by the Stark County Metropolitan Sewer District. Our priority is safeguarding the well-being of our citizens. To achieve this, it’s imperative that all residents address the issue of clean water runoff into our sewer system. We must redirect such runoff from sources like sump pumps and downspouts to alternative locations. This course of action is crucial not only for maintaining public health but also for the prosperity of our community.

It’s essential to recognize that this matter directly affects our village. The absence of adequate sewer system access hampers not only the potential for new home construction but also the attraction of new businesses to our area. By tackling this runoff problem, we’re paving the way for future growth and ensuring a vibrant and thriving community.

I encourage you to click the button below to access the video, which will provide insight into how you can take the necessary steps to align with the requirements set forth by the Stark County Metropolitan Sewer District.  The link has also been placed on the website homepage.


Thank You,

Mayor David Spencer