As I raised my hand this morning and swore my oath of office, I thought that our community had a new start today. A fresh start comes with the ability to begin healing wounds and focus our attention on moving our village forward.  Much-needed infrastructure projects such as water, roads, and governmental services are significant priorities.

We need to reach out to our current business owners and residents and ask them how we need to improve our services for them.  We need to extend an olive branch to new businesses and entice them and promote our village as a place to relocate.  We should continue to embrace and work with our partnering governments on such endeavors as the Hope Project.

As a citizen of this community, I firmly believe that government should work for the citizens, not the reverse.  We should begin looking at ways to develop additional grant resources and secure funds from other resources rather than a non-directional tax and spend policy.  As Mayor, I ask each citizen to do their part; if you or your neighbors have issues, help them or contact us.  Sometimes the best solution is one that originates with you.  Always keep in mind our tiny village fosters what is best about America.