Tusky Valley Strong

With the tragic events occurring in Tusky Valley, I would like to start this post by extending the entire Village of East Canton’s heartbreak and sorrow for that community. As a parent, I cannot fathom the nightmare facing each family of those who perished and those still receiving medical treatment. Nor can I imagine the questions each of those who survived have. Today, we stand together, and all are Tusky Valley Strong.

As the dust from our recent election has settled, I want to express my gratitude to the voters of East Canton for their faith and trust in electing me as the Mayor of the Village of East Canton. I extend my deepest thanks to many, but none more so than my wife and kids, who serve as my driving force in ensuring a bright and secure future in our little corner of the world. Additionally, I appreciate the strong commitment shown by our residents in prioritizing public safety, evident in their support for the police levy.

In a previous message, I highlighted my greatest success: placing the right people in the right positions. I am confident that together, we will transform the Village of East Canton into the pride of Northeastern Ohio. My sincere appreciation goes out to all who contributed to this success.