Village Water Department

Village Administrator

Ed Collins

Report Water Breaks

Please phone 330.936.6094 24 Hours a day to report water breaks, other water-related issues, or chemical spills that may harm the village water supply.

Learn More About Backflow Prevention


Issued Dates

Water bills are prepared by the Service Department Clerk and are mailed every two (2) months. Water bills should arrive on the 1st of Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov. and are due on the 25th of said month. If you do not receive your bill on time, please call Village Hall at 330.488.0220. 

Please Make Checks or Money Orders Payable

Village of East Canton

130 Cedar St., S.
East Canton, Ohio 44730

Payments can be made at the Village of East Canton Office during office hours, or after hours you may place it in the secured drop box in front of city hall. If you mail your payments to our office, please allow four business days before the due date to ensure the payment will be received by the proper date. Late payments are subject to a 15% late fee.

Online Water Payment

Simply Select Online Water Payment. Please Allow 4 Business Days for Online Processing. Residents Are Responsible For All Fees Associated with this Online Payment Option.

For your convenience, please click on the button below to download the necessary water forms, which may be downloaded and printed

Our Village Sewer System

The significance of a village sewer system cannot be overstated; it underpins community health and cleanliness. By efficiently disposing of waste, this system curbs disease and pollution risks. To appreciate its value, simply click the button below to explore the intricacies of the village sewer system.