Village Police Department


Village Police Department
130 Cedar St. S.
East Canton, Ohio 44730


The Village of East Canton Police department has a rich history of protecting and serving our community. Before the creation of the village, the area was an unincorporated part of Osnaburg Township and patrolled by the Stark Co. Sherriff’s Department. The exact date of the Village of East Canton’s creation is unknown. However, the 1920 census shows inhabitants as East Canton, an incorporated place; located within Osnaburg Township. So the village changed its name somewhere between 1910 and 1920. The residents and village council at that time created the position of Village Marshal to have a continued law enforcement presence. As the village thrived, a more robust municipal police department grew and evolved into today’s department.

The Village of East Canton Police Department employs professional, dedicated police officers to provide around-the-clock services to the community. The Village Police Department offers numerous benefits to our residents and visitors. These include proactive community patrolling, traffic enforcement, accident and criminal investigations, and providing mutual aid to other departments, including fire and EMS. Our officers pride themselves on being approachable, accessible, responsive, engaging, community-minded, and compassionate.

It is the mission of the East Canton Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of those we serve; to show compassion to victims and to those in need; to work with our community to improve their quality of life; to do so with honor and integrity while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards.

Please get in touch with the police department with any questions, concerns, compliments, or other issues. If you see an officer conducting rounds in an obvious non-emergency setting, feel free to say “hello” and introduce yourself to them; we love our community and always enjoy meeting those we serve. We strongly believe that working together will make our community stronger and safer.

Attention Historians

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